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Alice Rossi - "Wir Sänger haben keine Stimme mehr"

Aktualisiert: 2. Apr. 2020

So, after studying for years, obtaining multiple master degrees, I am worried for myself, in a short time I will run out of money and I am scared that the artistic world in Europe will have a catastrophic break down and it will be very difficult to find new opportunities, expecially for young artists like me.

My name is Alice Rossi - I live in Werner Hass House since one year and half.

I'm originally from Italy, I come from a family of artists and musicians, my mother and my grandmother used to be singers too, my dad plays drums on cruise ships, my second dad is responsible for a museum for blind people in the area of Milan.

Before this crisis of the Coronavirus, my main work activity was freelancing as a singer, I was starting a florishing career and I had planned many important concerts in Verona, Milan, London, Innsbruk for the next months.

I have previously studied in Switzerland where I got other two master degrees in Contemporary Music and in Music Pedagogy, acheaving important goals in my artistic career, I’ve completed my 3rd semester of Master Opera at the Musik Hochschule in Stuttgart.

Aktuelle Engagements: 2019/2020 Antigone an der Staatsoper Stuttgart

Wilhelma-Theater: Frau Flut in den Lustigen Weibern, Elegie für junge Liebenden

Aktuelle Situation:

Me: Now, as for many musicians, I have no job, I can't work neither as a singer nor a music teacher. I suddenly find myself in a very tight economic situation, I lost about 2500 euros from concerts I was planning to do this month and that were was canceled last minute, most probably I will have no income from my artistic activity in the next months as well.

My family:

My family is even in worse situation, my mother is very sick already because of multiple sclerosis, her imunity system would not uphold an infection, my father was serving on a ship in the Caribbean, he was not allowed to come back home and he is now blocked on board of a ship in the middle of the ocean with other crew members. I can't reach my family in now, but I hope I will be able to send them some money, I know they will need it at a certain point, because of the quarantine in Italy they can't leave home and they can't work too.

Mit ihrer Spende unterstützen sie die Förderung der Künstler.

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